10 common chord combinations for Harmony Ear Training

10 Common Chord Combinations For Harmony Ear Training By Mattie O’Boyle Get ready to learn thousands of songs If you play chords on your instrument, and you play them in popular or folk music (ie: Pop, Rock, Soul, Blues, Funk, Hip Hop, Reggae, Metal, Country, Bluegrass, Old Time, Irish etc….), here are 10 common chord … Read more

Walking around the house develops impeccable musical timing

Walk around the house for impeccable musical timing By Mattie O’Boyle How can walking around a house develop impeccable musical timing? Earl Scruggs, shook up what was country music when in 1945, at just 21 years old, he joined Bill Monroe’s Blue Grass Boys band. The impact of his three finger banjo picking was immediate … Read more

Extracting the underlying rhythm

Extracting the underlying rhythm By Mattie O’Boyle Use rhythm to improve composition and improvisation Extracting the underlying rhythm from your favorite musical melodies or chord progressions is a powerful tool to expand your musical vocabulary and to drive your compositional and improvisational creativity. Furthermore, it is a technique that is actually really easy to do, … Read more

How to learn songs by ear

How to learn a song by ear By Mattie O’Boyle Table of Contents Use a methodology Learning to play music by ear requires a methodology. A methodology helps you to organize and prioritize the tasks that you need to follow to accomplish your goal. At reelear.com we encourage you to structure your music practice with … Read more

Ear training in depth

Ear Training In Depth By Mattie O’Boyle Table of Contents Who is ear training for? Anyone learning to sing or play an instrument should be actively listening to music and trying to repeat what they hear. However, it´s best to start with very simple melodies, rhythms, chords, and arpeggios and then slowly build up layers … Read more