María Vázquez

Educational Psychologist

Maria provides our team with crucial input on how get learners to connect with our apps, how to keep them engaged and how to design apps so self-study learners can get the necessary, real time feedback they need to progress.

Mattie O'Boyle

Web App Designer and Director of

Mattie has been music making for over 30 years and teaching music for 10 years. He designs the web apps based on real student needs that he experiences in the classroom, and the creative solutions that help students overcome those needs.

Mattie runs Reel Space Folk Music School, in Valencia, Spain and he is the former Human Resources and Administration Manager at Berklee College of Music.

Raúl Melinte

Telecommunications Engineer

In his free time, Raul enjoys web programing challenges. He is the person who writes the code that transforms the web app designs into working computer programs.

Our Story

The Reel Ear web apps come straight out of the classrooms at Reel Space Folk Music School in Valencia Spain.

At the school we always teach by ear, without any sheet music, and our students needed tools to accelerate their ear training at home, in between classes. So we designed and built our own ear training apps.

Once we saw the powerful results, we decided to bring them out into the world….and was born.

We believe in sharing the value created by the apps, so we have designed our membership plans to be affordable and very generous; public school music teachers get free access to our apps for use in their classrooms.

Being generous makes us feel good.