Harmony Ear Training

Harmony happens when you play notes at the same time. Harmony can be very simple, for example when a bagpipe plays a drone note and the melody notes at the same time. Harmony can also be quite complex, involving chords with three, four, and five different notes. The sky´s the limit!

When doing harmony ear training, you can take several different approaches.

• The most obvious is to distinguish between chords with different root notes; for example between G, C7 and D7.

• However, another strategy is also to distinguish between chords different chord forms of the same root note; for example between Amaj7 and Amin7.

• Finally, don´t forget that when you learn a new chord you can practice it by itself using a variety of rhythms. This will help your muscle memory learn the new fingering and it will become much easier to begin to use the chord in your music.

Reel Ear Harmony Ear Training Overview

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