Get in the band and thrive

Ear training tools to learn songs faster

You can unleash your music and reach your goals. Don´t mistake the theory for the music.

"What really got me was that in just the first week with the Melody Ear Training App, my ear got better. After that I was hooked."
Mark W.
Learning Blues Guitar

Learn Your favorite songs right off the record

The Melody Ear Training App allows you to start practicing with simple melodies and then you add layers of complexity to pump up your ear training skills and abilities. Listen and sing back or play back what you hear.

Two guys pkaying electronic keyboards on stage

Unleash your Composition and Improvisation skills

The Arpeggio Ear Training App connects your ear to the bridge between chords and melodies and gets you singing or playing it right back.

Hear the chord changes and play them right back

Hear the chord progressions and play then right back. Build up your skills, layer by layer. The Harmony Ear training App, crucial for piano, guitar, accordion, etc…

Tools that Work for you

No abstract music theory

You don´t need to study music theory to train your ear. Just choose the variables that you want to work on and hit play. It´s all about the sound not the theory.

No memorizing and no guessing

Because you control the variables, the apps always creates relevant dictations for your, and because the dictations are random, you can´t just memorize or guess what you are going to hear

No software to download or install

Our apps are web pages and you can accesses them from desktop computers, tablets and cell phones, just like any other web page.

Set and go

You define the musical variables and then the apps generate random, call and response musical dictations based on your choices, and - bang - you get infinite ear training!

Always in time

The metronome marks the beat while you listen to and then sing back or play back the musical phrases.

Super efficient

Once you hit play, you get to work on your ear training without touching the mouse or the keyboard. You don´t have to answer questions or move from one screen to another.

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Two different ways to join

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Two different ways to join

For musicians learning at home

For Schools, Choirs, Marching Bands, Freelance Music Teachers, etc…

Public School Music Teachers can apply for free access to all of our apps to use in their classrooms.

Individual memberships

All Individual Memberships Include

1. Annual Membership

Our most popular option.

This is the right option if you have long term ear training goals and thrive as an independent learner.

2. Monthly Membership

Intense focus

Choose this option if you have short term ear training goals.

3. Guided Learning

If your hungry to go further, faster, than this is the option for you.

This membership option includes access to all the Ear Training Apps as well as  weekly screencast exchanges with director Mattie O’Boyle to plan your week´s ear training and to revise your progress.

This Guided Learning Option is an annual membership option.

Individual Yearly Membership

Connect Your Ear Directly To The Music
$ 4
Month /Billed Annually
  • Instant Access
  • Cancel Anytime
MOst Popular

Individual Monthly Membership

Achieve Your Short Term Goals
$ 12
Month / Billed Monthly
  • Instant Access
  • Cancel Anytime

Guided Learning Yearly Membership

Weekly Video Meetings With An Ear Training Pro
$ 250 Billed Annually
  • Instant Access
  • Cancel Anytime

Group memberships

All Group Memberships Include

Group Memberships

Small Group

10 People
$ 1
Per Person / Per Month
  • Instant Access
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Billed annually ($200/Group)

Medium Group

20 People
$ 1
Per Person / Per Month
  • Instant Access
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Billed annually ($320/Group)

Large Group

50 People
$ 1 Per Person / Per Month
  • Instant Access
  • Cancel Anytime
  • Billed annually ($600/Group)