5 Ways To Use A Metronome To Go Further, Faster

5 Ways To Use The Metronome

By Mattie O'Boyle

Ready to up your rhythm game?

Here are five ways to use a metronome to improve your sense of timing and rhythm. The first is the traditional, play on the beat. Make sure that each note coincides directly with a click of the metronome.

The second method would be to play in between beats, having your notes fall exactly have way between the clicks of the metronome.

The third method would be to combine the first two and play on the beat and half way between the beats. You could think about this method as doubling the beat.

The fourth method is to divide the beat into four equal parts.

Finally, the fifth method is to divide the beat into three equal parts. This is essential for Jigs and playing the Blues.

Listen to the examples below, and once you get the idea, get out your favorite metronome and work on each method. Start slowly and once you can do it perfectly, slowly increase the metronome speed. Focus on accuracy – that’s the key.

You can do these exercises clapping, tapping your palms on your knees, using single notes on your instrument of choice, or even playing short musical phrases, scales or arpeggios.

If you need help getting these crucial exercises down, check our our TaDiTa Rhythm Course. It will guide you through your rhythm development and really accelerate your music learning journey.



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