Playing Bass Notes And Chords In The Melody App

Get Groovin': Playing Bass Notes And Chords In The Melody App

By Mattie O'Boyle

In this week’s blog, we are going to check out a cool, easy way to practice adding bass notes into your chord playing. Playing bass lines and melodies in the bass really beefs up your chords and adds a layer of complexity to your sound that captures and maintains the audience’s attention. Everyone from classical pianists to Carter style guitarist – and beyond – use this technique, so why not you too?

Start up the Melody App, grab your instrument and check out the screen cast below to see two different approaches to training your ear to hear the bass with the chords. You’ll also be working your instrumental skills as you adapt to and expand upon this time tested playing technique.

Learn to add bass notes to your chord playing using the Melody Ear Training App.

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