Sounds Like A Train

Sounds Like A Train

By Mattie O'Boyle

Listen to the whistle, stick your head out of the window and hear the drivers roll

People have always been inspired to make music from the sounds that surround them in their daily lives. In today’s blog article I want to focus on what was once the fastest way for a person to move, the epitome of modern travel – the train.

I’m going to dig deep into my record collection and share with you some of my favorite train songs, not just songs about trains, but songs that sound like trains.

First up is Rev. Dan Smith playing a harmonica throw down simply called – The Train

Next, Here’s Bukka White’s, Special Streamline

Now let’s give a listen to Train 45, from the log Cabin Boys

Finally, we have Chuck Berry’s, Down Bound Train

How about making your own train music? All aboard…..

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