TaDiTa – The Key To Awesome Rhythm

The Key To Awesome Rhythm

By Mattie O'Boyle

South Indian Classical Music – Your Key To Awesome Rhythm

Ear training has several different component skills that need to be internalized. One of the critical skills involves the rhythmic complexities underlying even what seems simple songs and tunes. So how do you internalize rhythm and learn to create your own voice within an endless combination of possibilities?

Look to Konnakol for help.

What is Konnakol?

Konnakol is a percussive language that has come out of the long developmental history of Carnatic music, the classical music from southern India. At Reel Ear, we have adapted Konnakol for use in Western music styles; the course is called TaDiTa and we provide our members with it in order to allow them to bring this simple rhythm language into their practice routine.

TaDiTa is designed to be sung – although there is no melody, just rhythmic syllables. Once you have internalized singing the lessons in the course, you can then use the rhythmic phrases you sang to play bits of melodic phrases or chord progressions – that will unleash your rhythm on your musical instrument of choice. I can say that my soloing improved about thousand percent on the first day I started applying TaDiTa to melodic ideas – it was one of those musical moments that changed how I relate to music and to my own potential as a musician. Now, I start my private students out on the TaDiTa course before they ever play an instrument with me – it’s that crucial.

Do you want to accelerate your music learning journey? Add 15 minutes of TaDiTa to your practice routine. You will go further faster and the course is free for all of our members!

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