Combine arpeggio and harmony ear training

Hearing The Chords

By Mattie O'Boyle

The Fast Track To Hearning And Playing Chords

Most folks learning guitar, piano, harp, accordion, or, any other instrument that plays a lot of chords, need help perceiving the subtle differences between different chord forms; furthermore, they need to practice playing those chord forms back on their instruments.

An optimal way to gain those skills is to combine Arpeggio ear training with Harmony ear training.

When you play several notes simultaneously, you get harmony. For many instruments that means playing a lot of three, four and five note chords. If you take all the notes from those chords and play them consecutively, in a predictable patter, you get an arpeggio. Therefore chords and arpeggios are closely related in sound, and combining them into a unified ear training workout helps accelerate the learning process.

As with any task, it’s easier to get the job done when you have the right tools. Check out the screen cast below to see how to leverage our Arpeggio and Harmony ear training apps to zero in on exactly the musical combination that you need to work on and how to create a customized ear training routine to help you go further faster in reaching your music goals.

The Fast Track To Hearing And Playing The Chords

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