We admire your work, and we can support you with our apps.

Public Schools (100% public funded)

Do you teach at a school that is entirely supported by public funds? You can get free access to all of our apps to use in your music classes.

Fill out the web form and upload a verification letter to apply.

There is never any cost to your school.

We manually review applications, so be please be patient if it takes us a few days to respond. Once approved, you will recieve your free access.

Remember the letter should:

• Be written on your school´s letterhead

 • State that the school is 100% funded by a public government

Include the job title and contact information of the administrator who signs the letter

• Includes the job title and school email address of the teacher who needs access to the app. The email must be a .edu address

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  • Max. file size: 100 MB.