30 Day Ear Training Challenge For Fiddlers

Are you ready to free yourself from sheet music and tablature?

Take the free, 30 Day Ear Training For Fiddlers Challenge

Crucial Ear Training Course for Fiddlers

The Challenge consists in completing the first two sections of our Crucial Ear Training For Fiddlers Course.

You will work on two and three note melody dictations. You listen to each phrase and then you play it back on your fiddle. 

Weekly Zoom Meetings

During the Challenge you will be able to meet weekly with Reel Ear director Mattie O'Boyle.

Mattie will answer any questions you have as you move through the Challenge and share different tips to help customize the course for your specific needs.

Infinate Ear Training

For each lesson in the challenge, you'll be using the Melody Ear Training App.

Once you set the variables, the app will give you infinite call and response melody dictations. You can never guess what you are going to hear, so stay on your toes!

Preview the Crucial Ear Training For Fiddlers Course

Get a sneek peek at the course you'll be following for your Ear Training Challenge

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The Challenge runs from August 1, 2021 – August 30, 2021.

There is a limited number of participants, so register today to reserve your spot.

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Remember, there is no cost for participating in the Ear Training Challenge for Fiddlers, it’s free.

You will be sent login credentials on August 1st and you will have free access to all the material through August 30th.

30 x 30

Get ready to work hard!

To really take the Challenge, you should be prepared to spend 30 minutes a day for 30 days. 

By putting in the time, following the methodology and holding yourself to high standards, you´ll really be ready to see how far you can go in one short sprint.

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