Can't learn the songs right off the record?

Ear training without abstract music theory

Microtone Ear Training

Free yourself from Equal Temperament

Reel Ear brings you the world´s first microtone call and response ear training web app.

Now you can focus your practice time on internalizing the mechanics of singing or playing any microtone – it’s an intonation revolution.

•  Practice the exact frequencies that you need.

• More than 50 presets for world music scales and historical tuning systems

• Fine grain control over the ear training frequencies – you can program any microtone that you – very easy to use.

• Critical skills for all singers, string and wind instrumentalists, bagpipers, musicians playing Arab and Indian music, etc…

• Train your ear in the musical scales used around the world, or invent your own!

Introducing the Microtone Ear Training Web App

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Dive Deep Into The Microtones Ear Training Web App

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Want to know more about microtones? Download our concise explanation as a pdf file.

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