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Online Ear Training Tools To Help You Go Further, Faster

• Little or no music theory required.

• Call and response dictations for melodies, chords and arpeggios

• Ear training tools that are perfect for beginners and developing musicians, as well as advanced ear training to go pro

With our apps, you define the musical variables and then the apps generate random musical dictations based on your choices.

Because you control the variables, the apps always create relevant dictations for your present needs, and because the app then creates a random diction, you can´t just memorize or guess what you are going to hear. That really accelerates your music ear training!

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Melody Ear Training

For singers and musicians, in all styles of music. From beginners to advanced

Arpeggio Ear Training

Especially powerful to develop your composition and improvisation

Harmony Ear Training

Hear and play the chords. Excellent for piano, accordian, guitar, ect...
Melody App Set Up For Bass Guitar

How to set up the apps for Bass Guitar

See how to set up the Melody Ear Training App for Bass guitar. The same method applies to the other apps.

Do you want to learn all your favorite songs right off the record? Are you ready to step up your improvisation and composition skills? Use the right tools to go further, faster. Random, Call and Response dictations based on your exact needs is what the Ear Training Uprising is all about. Accelerate your music learning journey.

Remember, you need to sign up for the 15 day free trial to get access to all the apps. You can cancel anytime. If you cancel during your free trial you will NOT be billed at all.

Finally, you may want to head on over to the Help page to check out all of our screencasts to find more in depth and imaginative ways to use all the ear training apps; really, they are almost limitless.

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