Bagpipe Microtone

Are you ready to free yourself from sheet music and tablature?

Melody Ear Training with the same, exact pitches, as your bagpipe

How To Set Up An App For the Highland Bagpipe

Set Up Highland Bagpipe Microtone App

“New app is pitch perfect.” Bagpipe News

Stop hitting your head against the music theory wall

No abstract music theory

You don´t need to study music theory to train your ear. Just choose the variables that you want to work on and hit play. It´s all about the sound not the theory.

Set and go

You define the musical variables and then the apps generate random, call and response musical dictations based on your choices, and - bang - you get infinite ear training!

No software to download or install

Our apps are web pages and you can accesses them from desktop computers, tablets and cell phones, just like any other web page.

Play The Highland Bagpipes By Ear

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