Getting Ready To Roll - Course Preliminaries
First Steps - Two Note Melodies
Cementing The Foundation - Three Note Melodies
Stretching Out - Four Note Melodies
Flexing Some Muscle - Five Note Melodies
Notes Right Next To Each Other - Chromatic Intervals
The Big Ones - 6 Note Dictations
Wrap Up

Wrap Up

Wrap Up

You did it! Congratulations. If you have held yourself to high standards, I am sure that by now you are feeling confident about being able to play the 5 String Banjo by ear. If you play a simple style, like me, you may have already reached your ear training goal. If you play a more advanced bluegrass/newgrass style, you may want to continue further.

Next steps: By now you have become familiar with the Melody App and if you want to continue using it for ear training, you might want to explore other rhythmic durations, longer phrases or faster ones. Also, don’t forget to check out the Arpeggio App and the Harmony App for more advanced 5 string banjo ear training.

Stay in touch!

-Mattie O’Boyle, Director Reel Ear