Getting Ready To Roll - Course Preliminaries
First Steps - Two Note Melodies
Cementing The Foundation - Three Note Melodies
Stretching Out - Four Note Melodies
Flexing Some Muscle - Five Note Melodies
Notes Right Next To Each Other - Chromatic Intervals
The Big Ones - 6 Note Dictations
Wrap Up

B, C, D(h) and G(h)

Four Note Chromatic DictationsB, C, D(h) and G(h)

Now let’s roll with B,C, D(h) and G(h). As always, beginning banjo pickers should play the G(h) on the fifth string. More advanced pickers can explore other fingering options, but don’t forget to also work on the fifth string!

Remember, scaffolding is available if you need help.

Don’t forget to do Musical Gym. It will help you internalize the ear training as well as increase your picking and fretboard skills.

B, C, D(h) and G(h)