Getting Ready To Roll - Course Preliminaries
First Steps - Two Note Melodies
Cementing The Foundation - Three Note Melodies
Stretching Out - Four Note Melodies
Flexing Some Muscle - Five Note Melodies
Notes Right Next To Each Other - Chromatic Intervals
The Big Ones - 6 Note Dictations
Wrap Up

Picking Hand

Picking Hand

Before we get really get into ear training on the banjo, let’s talk about the picking hand.

This ear training course is designed for banjo pickers in any style of 5 string banjo. Therefore, not everyone will make the same choices about how to pick the strings on the banjo.

If you are an experienced picker, looking to transition from sheet music to playing by ear, I recommend sticking with whatever finger picking system you have been using.

If you are pretty new to banjo then one way to approach the picking would be:

• Use your thumb for strings two through five

• Use your middle finger for the first string

• fret notes on the fifth fret with your ring finger