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D, F# and A
G, B and D
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Stepping It Up: Adding Arpeggios and Three Note Dictations
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Long Tones – D

Long tones on the D string

Before we get really get into ear training on the fiddle, you should make sure that you can play a string clearly and cleanly. This requires you to pay close attention to three variables, bow placement on the strings its pressure and its speed. Use as much of the bow as you need and try and keep the sound constant, steady and full while you play the note.

Don’t worry about too much analysis right now. Just experiment. Remember, its the bow that plays the notes, not your hand, so keep your hand, wrist and arm very relaxed and let the bow do its work.

Start with the open D string and work on playing long, slow, continuous notes.

Remember that music is sound, so listen to the sound coming out of your fiddle and ask yourself if it’s the sound you are looking for. If not make some adjustments….as we say – fiddle around.

Have a look at the screen cast to learn more about using the Melody App for long tones and then refer to the screenshot to see how to set up the Melody Ear Training App for this specific exercise on your fiddle.

Open D string

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