Course Preliminaries
D, F# and A
G, B and D
A, C# and E
E, G and B
Stepping It Up: Adding Arpeggios and Three Note Dictations
Stretching Out: New Arpeggios and Longer Melody Dictations
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Now we are going to transition into doing three note melodic dictations. To accustom our ear to all three notes being played in a sequence, as well as work on our fret board fluidity, we are going to shift over to the Arpeggio Ear Training App before we move back to the Melody app.

What’s an arpeggio? An arpeggio is a musical chord, but instead of playing the notes in the chord simultaneously, we play them sequentially – one at a time.

Have a look at the screen cast to familiarize yourself with the Arpeggio App, and then move on and get to work on your first arpeggios.


Reel Ear Arpeggio Web App Overview
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