Lesson 1: G major

The G Major Chord

If you are just starting to play guitar, take some time to make sure that you can play each chord cleanly with any buzzing sounds or “dead strings” that don’t sound at all.

Listen to the chord and then strum it back, in time with the metronome. You are preparing the foundation of your rhythm guitar playing, so make sure that the foundation is solid!

Remember, when you select the G chord in the Harmony App, also adjust the Octave to “2”, as indicated in the screenshot. Adjusting the correct Octaves in the Harmony App for the different chords is crucial for this course – so start focusing on that now.

If you already play guitar, and have joined this course in order to switch from reading sheet music or tablature to playing by ear, you can skip this step and move on to lesson 4.

G Major